JMI Connect 2016

Join us for JMI Connect Summer 2017 and have the experience of a LIFETIME!

JCC Maccabi Israel (JMI) is a four week long exciting, non-denominational program dedicated to introducing Jewish teens to all that’s great about Israel—its culture, its history, and its people. On this JMI trip teens have the opportunity to experience the magic of Israel, while also forming a “Kehila” (community) of teens from all across North America. Every JMI trip is embedded with 6 themes that forge deeper connections, encounters and meaning throughout the trip. These themes are:

  1. L’dor v’dor (from generation to generation): Understanding our past in order to build our future
  2. Kehillah (community): The importance of strengthening our Jewish community and making connections
  3. Mifgashim (connections): Creating meaningful dialogue between North American and Israeli teenagers
  4. Manhigut (leadership): Learning values and gaining skills that will help our teens become future leaders in our communities
  5. Ruach (spirit): Judaism and spirituality – a pluralistic approach toward our culture
  6. Gvanim (diversity): Explore the diversity and complexity of Israeli society and its people

Who: 10th & 11th Graders

Dates: TBD

Land Cost: TBD

Air Cost (from New York to Israel): TBD

Total Cost: TBD


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