FAQs for March of the Living

1. How do I register?
Registration will open on Sunday, November 2nd at 9:00am EST. Follow this link and complete the easy online registration.

2. How old do I need to be?
JMI MOL is offered to high school 11th and 12th grade teens.

3. Does everyone get accepted?
No they don’t – traveling to Poland can be an emotional experience so we want to make sure for your sake and the sake of the group you are up to it. An essay and interview process are part of the application and acceptance process.

4. Who can apply?
High school teenagers currently in 11th or 12th grade living in the U.S.

5. Do I have to belong to a JCC to apply?
No you don’t. We work with JCC’s to offer this program to their members; however, it is open to others as well.

6. What if I don’t know anyone going on this program?
That is absolutely fine! JMI MOL is a non-denominational program that offers a strong social emphasis and professional staff who will make you feel at home in no time. By the end of the program you will have made new friendships that will last a lifetime.

7. Is this trip safe?
Yes it is. JMI follows strict security guidelines and will provide security accompanying the group in Poland at all times and in Israel based on Ministry of Education stipulations and regulations. All transportation will be in private buses and all programs and sites will be supervised and authorized in advanced. Even free time is controlled within set parameters and patrolling staff.

8.What if I get hurt or sick?
Israel and Poland both have modern medical systems, should a participant get hurt or feel sick we will arrange for him/her to see a physician and get all the necessary treatment. He/she will be escorted by a staff member at all times. Medical services and insurance coverage for illness/ injury while on a JCC Maccabi Israel trip is provided throughout the program and is included in the cost of the program. Coverage does not include dental treatment, eye glasses or drug abuse.

9. How much spending money should I bring?
You will want to have money for gifts, extra snacks, and miscellaneous items. There are no restrictions on the amount of foreign currency visitors may bring into Israel. From our experience, participants spend an average of $100/week for gifts, extra snacks and drinks etc.

10. Can I visit my family and friends while in Israel?
You may have one free home hospitality weekend or designated free evening with family or friends. During this weekend or evening, you will be permitted to leave the group to visit friends and/or relatives. We require parental consent and approval by indicating on the registration form the name(s), addresses, and phone numbers of those whom you are planning to visit. If you do not plan to leave for the weekend or evening, then you will remain with the rest of the group and staff at the hotel/hostel that is booked for that weekend and/or with an Israeli host family (pre-approved by the program).

11. Can I communicate with people at home?
You and your parents will receive a list of useful telephone numbers. There will never be a problem reaching the group in the event of an emergency. As for regular calls, although all of our accommodations have telephones and faxes, participants may not be accessible at all times. We know you need to keep in touch with your family back home. Each individual will decide on a certain procedure for maintaining contact with their families.

12. Can I bring my cell phone?
While cell phones are extremely popular and allow a level of comfort and ease of communicating with home, they are also very distracting when the group is traveling. If you would like to rent a cell phone, please understand that cell phones will not be allowed during program time and participants may use their cell phone during non-program times only. If you are interested in renting a cell phone, please be in touch with Talk n Save for preferred group rates. Information is on our website and in your online registration area.

13. How do I prepare for the trip?
Your JCC or community may choose to hold a pre-trip seminar. We are happy to assist you in the planning of this seminar and provide you with any materials you may need.

14. What if I have family roots in Poland?
If you know, or think you might have family roots in Poland, we encourage you to do some research and discover some information that may enhance your trip and make it more meaningful.

*A minimum of 25 participants is required for the program to take place. A full refund will be provided if there are less than 25 participants.