JMI Programs

JMI teen programs have been providing North American JCCs with the highest level educational travel programs to Israel since 1996. JMI’s mission is to enable every young Jewish teen in 10th through 12th grade to visit Israel within the framework of an organized educational program, for the purpose of strengthening, developing, and enriching his or her Jewish identity and identification with the Jewish people.

We currently provide the following programs:

JMI Community or Camp Program

The JMI community or camp programs allow participants to continue their camp and community traditions and experiences in Israel.  While traveling, participants will learn about the country, starting with biblical times and ending with contemporary Israel. In addition to touring the Jewish state, this unique program includes leadership seminars, social action (Tikkun Olam) activities, and much more. To make this much more than a standard trip, each program incorporates home hospitality, connecting with your local sister-community center, and Israeli teen mifgashim (encounters). Participants return to camp and their communities as young leaders, with an enhanced Jewish identity and connection to both the land and people of Israel. Click here to register now!

JMI Connect Program

JMI Connect provides an opportunity for teens to travel to Israel and form a new “Kehila” (community) with teens from all over North America. This program allows teens who are not affiliated with a particular JCC group, camp, or youth movement and camps and communities that do not meet the required minimum amount of participants to travel to Israel together with JCC Maccabi Israel. While on JMI Connect, participants will have the same perks as a single community trip, including mifgashim with Israeli teens, learning the vast history of Israel (often times where the events actually took place), discovering everything that is modern Israeli culture, lots of fun, and so much more!

JMI Point of View Programs

With JMI Point of View you choose the focus of your trip! You can choose any theme from Tikkun Olam, Arts and Culture, Israeli Innovation, Sports, and more! A JMI Point of View program will offer great added value and meaning to your trip for every participant.

JMI March of the Living Program

The JMI March of the Living program is offered to 11th and 12th grade teens from across the United States. Participants learn the history of the Holocaust where it happened and examine the roots of prejudice and intolerance, together with thousands of Jewish teens, adults and survivors from around the world. After spending almost a week in Poland visiting the sites of Nazi Germany’s persecution as well as places that were once rich with Jewish life and culture, participants will travel to Israel and celebrate Israel’s Independence. At the completion of the trip participants will have an understanding of the importance of having a Jewish homeland dedicated to safeguarding the Jewish people and traditions, as well as the importance of keeping their local community strong and active. The teens will be given tools and taught life skills that will help them throughout their future. JCC Maccabi Israel will support participants in becoming a voice in the world that can say out loud “never again!”

JMI Amazing Israel Birthright Programs

*(Operated in partnership with “Amazing Israel“)

JCC Camp Staff Birthright Trip (Winter Trip):

The JMI Amazing Israel Birthright trip for JCC Camp Staff is offered to both JCC day and resident camp staff members between the ages of 18-26. Participants will experience the classic Birthright trip, seeing the land of Israel in all of its beauty, with the added value of learning how to bring Israel to camp, as well as expanding their leadership skills. This is an opportunity to meet with Israeli shlichim who have worked in camps in the past, and experience Israel with their help. We will also be offering leadership training sessions, an opportunity to volunteer, to learn about social activism in Israel and talk about how to bring back all of this back to your camp community. In addition to the must-see historical sites participants will gain a greater understanding of Israel and the everyday dilemmas that its people have, as well as to develop a deep love and passion for the country that they can share with their campers at camp. Participants will return to camp with a stronger understanding of Israel, after sharing in this meaningful experience with their peers. Participants will return to camp as a more unified staff and they will be ready to share their experiences with campers and the rest of the staff.