Safety & Security

We would like to assure you that the safety and security of our participants stand above all other considerations. We will do whatever is in our power to make sure all participants are safe throughout their experience.

We make sure that all JCC Maccabi Israel participants stay with the group at all times. We remain committed to the idea that it is possible to develop engaging, memorable programs in a safe environment in Israel. In order to do that, we have created structured programs and we supervise free time.

We have an armed guard accompanying all groups throughout the program as needed and stipulated by the security guidelines. Our Israeli staff is trained to give first aid assistance in case of medical emergencies

At JCC Maccabi Israel we know that the greatest safety hazarded to our participants can be the difference of climate, not eating properly or not drinking enough, so we train our staff to keep a close and sensitive watch on the teens. Our clear code of conduct makes sure participants are aware of their surroundings and keep out of harms way.

We are known for communicating closely with the family and friends of our participants. Our New York and Israel staff is available by phone 24 hours a day while groups are in Israel.

Any family or friends visiting participants or hosting participants can do so with prior permission and coordination. JCC Maccabi Israel reserves the right not to grant a participant permission to leave the group. Our Jerusalem office staff coordinates and monitors these visits in consultation with the group staff.

The Jewish Agency operates a 24 hour control center that is in contact with the IDF, the Ministry of Education, and the Society for Preservation of Nature (three agencies that operate trips, hikes and tours for youth in Israel). All JCC Maccabi Israel programs are approved in advance. We use private transportation, and all accommodations fulfill the required security demands.

JMI and our tour staff receive constant security updates. Our security guidelines are based on their recommendations. Should there be recommendations to change the program in any way (due to heat wave or due to security issues) we will do so without hesitation.